Need Assessment Survey Result

Our research team mapped out and interviewed retailers dealing in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) representing the bottom billion of the Nigerian economy, a result believed to be representative of what is obtainable in most developing cities. Our findings are presented below:


Lack of payment alternative

90% of retailers interviewed have lost sales due to their inability to collect non-cash form of payment from their customers. Those who went extra miles in search of an alternative were frustrated by a technology that fails in frontier markets with little or no alignment with their aspirations. Their insistence on holding cash has also exposed them to robbery attacks by area boys crafted in the art of store looting. How would they scale with this problem?

Oversight of inventory record

75% of retailers have in the past one week prior the research experienced no inventory conditions for specific goods which their customers are in need of. This is because it is increasingly becoming difficult to track and monitor the sales of varieties of goods manually. They run out of goods mostly when they are in hot demand. The pharmaceutical space is mostly hit by this challenge where morbidity and mortality rates are on the rise.

High cost of goods

Quite a number of interviewed respondents complain they have lost customers due to high cost of goods. With the reality of the economy, retailers who purchase goods in smaller units will not be able to save their customers from paying dearly for it. 65% of the respondents agreed they will pass on the saved cost of goods to customers if they are able to order in bulk.

Parade of fake and expired goods

Coordinating supply and demand in a seamless fashion is challenging. As retailers purchase various kinds of goods, they stand the risk of stocking expired or fake goods. How many even have access to accredited wholesalers? With a simple to use tool that detects fake and expired goods, retailers who are also victims like the 55% of the interviewed will be confident their goods are from the approved sources. A customer will never return to where he once purchased expired goods!

Poor insight into sales

Expectedly, retailers find it difficult to manage all sales in their mini ledger. They stand the risk of missing out of important records and keeping sales tracks and at the same time ensure customers are satisfied. That's why most customers complain of poor customer service. One happy customer brings million others the same way one unsatisfied one can chase millions away.

Lack of fund for upscale

100% of retailers inteviewed have the burning urge to scale up their business. Alongside fulfiling other core areas of customer satisfaction, a verifiable transaction history can help a retailer increase profitability from upscale. Every investor needs an up-to-date financial record which is lacking in most retailing businesses around.

Introducing ProNOV

The Lean Mobile App that puts you ahead

ProNov is a lean mobile-based business intelligence tool that helps retailers manage their inventory to ensure on time availability of goods, source goods cheaper and potentially pass on the lower cost of goods to the targeted population in the Bottom of Pyramid (BoP).

ProNOV also detects counterfeit and expired products through its unique scanning technology.

ProNOV is a process that comprises of a mobile app, a robust back-end, cohort buildup, an efficient supply chain, and last mile delivery; all linked in an efficient fashion.

With ProNOV, you can also have access to credit facilities, investment opportunities and international support from our partners.

Why retailers prefer ProNOV

Stock Management

ProNOV helps you to digitalize your transactions, creating a virtual store where all your goods reside. You no longer need a ledger to document your transactions

Sales Analytics and Forecast

ProNOV aggregates your sales and represents it in beautiful infographics, charts, and graphs for you to monitor sales trend and make forecast into the future.

Low-stock Alert

How often do you run out of goods without knowing? Never mind, we also understand. ProNOV will alert you when your stock is low and you will never run out of stock. An activated back-end supply chain can also offer you help on how best to stock to maximize profit


ProNOV allows you to receive payment with card or cash or both at the same time splitting transactions. Our payment technology is failproof and you can be rest assured your money will be in your bank of choice at the click of button

Don't miss the train

ProNOV is used in pharmacy stores, supermarkets, and other Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) small and medium sized retail stores, and by last mile delivery service providers in major African cities.

You can build your virtual store, sell your goods, and collect your payments with any option you choose. You can also remotely monitor your multiple stores and have real time insight into your sales―all on your smartphone.

When you need to improve your sales, think ProNOV. Others are already cashing in on ProNOV.

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